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There once was a time when the Titanium Backup was the best backup tool for Android. However, the times have changed, along with the backup tools. If you are looking for a simple app sync and backup system for your Android that is compatible with Mac, and is cheap or free, then Helium is the way to go. What truly sets this tool apart from others is its accuracy and authenticity of the backup service and app syncing. If you are someone who uses many different devices all the time, Helium can be a life-saver.

Helium is primarily used with your Android device concomitant with a desktop app. The first time you run the app, you must connect your device with a PC using a USB cable, and each time you reboot your device after, the process must be repeated. Besides that, the app works self-reliantly on your Android device and lets you to backup and sync as you please.

This app is free, however, there is a premium version, which will get rid of the ads, support cloud and programed backups, work between Android devices, and even more. It is a free app and once your Android device is connected to your Mac via USB cable, it picks up your iTunes and syncs it on both devices.

This means that any changes the user makes in their iTunes library on their device are carried over into their iTunes library. This includes any additions or removals to playlists. As was stated earlier, there is a free version of this app and it relies only on a USB connection. However, there is an in-app purchase available which enables AirSync and does not require a hardwire connection. Whether you go with the free version or decide to upgrade, double Twist is a very useful app that enables you to have your music with you at all times.

This may seem a bit limiting, and probably is.

Use an Android phone on a Mac - AirDroid Review

However, a large number of Android smartphones available in the market are made from Samsung. SideSync is pretty much everything you would expect from a desktop manager app. This includes showing and being able to respond to notifications, transferring files and media, mirroring the entire device and all of its content, etc.

This can be an extremely helpful feature when it comes to playing games and texting. It is also available for both Mac and Windows. While it may be thought of as pushing it a bit pun intended , Pushbullet should be included in this list. It is offered for both iOS and Android also works on a variety of different browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and more, so it is convenient for mostly everyone.

This service allows the viewing and replying to Android notifications. It also notifies you of many kinds of events, allows you to share files, chat, and a number of other things. It is also very customizable which makes it unique.

Android file transfers for Mac computers

Push Pal is a third-party Mac desktop app that makes it much more simple to access Pushbullet from your desktop. Pushbullet has a Windows app, and Push Pal replicates that app for the Mac. The user simply has to drag content or files that they like to push to their phone to the icon on their toolbar and the app does the rest for you.

If you use Pushbullet, Push Pal is a very worthwhile addition. While it is not extremely easy to connect an Android device and a Mac, it is not impossible.

BlackVue App (iOS/Android) and Viewer (Windows/Mac OS)

These are seven of the best tools that can be used to bridge the gap between the two. However, there are many others that can be used as well. Doing research and testing them out are the best ways to decide which is best for what needs to be done.

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The direction in which technology is heading is unknown. However, there are so many different resources and tools available to us now in order to connect all of our devices and enable them to sync up. In the future, who knows? Perhaps everything will automatically be compatible and connected. But for now, there are resources available to help us with this and to make our lives easier. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Share 1. Related Posts. About The Author.

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Leave HandShaker on this screen, then grab your Android phone or tablet to do a bit of setup. Over on your Android device now, you'll have to start by unlocking the "Developer options" menu if you haven't done so in the past. With that taken care of, open your Settings menu, then scroll down to the bottom and head to the "Developer options" entry. At this point, go ahead and connect your phone to your Mac with a USB data cable. Make sure that the HandShaker window is still open from Step 1.

Once you connect the USB cable, you'll see a message on your Android device asking if you'd like to allow access from this computer. Tick the box next to "Always allow" here, then press "OK" on the popup. With everything set up now, give HandShaker a moment to finalize initial setup, and make sure to leave your phone connected to the computer. At this point, you should be greeted by HandShaker's main menu.

It's an intuitive interface, complete with thumbnails for all of the pictures that are stored on your phone. If you'd rather see different types of media, you can use the navigation menu on the left to browse by Music or Video as well, and the interface in these menus looks just as nice.

How to Remotely Access Mac From Your Tablet

When you head to the Download or Files section, though, the interface starts to look more like a traditional Finder window on Mac. And within all sections in HandShaker, you can drag and drop files from this window directly onto your desktop or another folder. But perhaps the most interesting feature here is the "Import" and "Export" button at the top of the screen, which lets you easily move batches of files between your phone and your computer.

Overall, it's a great alternative to Android File Transfer, to the point where HandShaker is better in almost every way. Anything that requires USB debugging is something to be concerned about.

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USB debugging is for development purposes. Transfers work fine, but deletion fails erratically. This makes the application undesirable, and I have therefore removed it. The hunt for an alternative to the bare-bones AFT continues It may be useful for moving files from an Android device to the Mac, but going the other way around? AFT is more powerful. I want you to think about that for a second: a v1.

Go ahead. Take your time.

Let that sink in. In the "Music" section of the app, you can't delete music folders, nor can you drag them from the Finder to the app. If you do, you get an error message: "Cannot found sic audio files in transfer path. It's going directly to your device. You can't even see your memory card there. If you want your files on your card and not your device's internal storage?

You're going to have to find your device's file manager and do it there.

android phone viewer for mac Android phone viewer for mac
android phone viewer for mac Android phone viewer for mac
android phone viewer for mac Android phone viewer for mac
android phone viewer for mac Android phone viewer for mac
android phone viewer for mac Android phone viewer for mac

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