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TAR from here.

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Download the Odin Tool from here. Download it from Attached Files section. Install the Drivers for your Galaxy S3 that you downloaded from the official Samsung website. Disconnect your phone from the PC after you have successfully transferred the file.

How to Root Galaxy S3 on Mac OSX! |

Turn OFF your smartphone using the Power button. Reboot your phone into the download mode. Press the Volume UP key when you are asked. On your PC, extract files from the Odin archive onto your Desktop.

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In the Odin tool, select PDA tab and then choose the clockworkmod. TAR file you downloaded earlier to your PC. Click on the Start button to begin flashing the file to your phone. When your phone boots up, turn it OFF by pressing the Power button. Reboot your phone into the Recovery mode.

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Now, in the recovery menu, select install zip from sdcard followed by choose zip from sdcard option. Browse to the CWM Superuser file you transferred to your phone and select it for flashing. Choose Yes when you are prompted for flashing process. When it has finished flashing the file, simply select reboot system now from the recovery menu. When your phone restarts, head over to the Google Play and download the BusyBox app. Install it on your phone.

Safetly root your Samsung Galaxy S3 sgh-t999

Open up the BusyBox app and follow all the instructions displayed on your screen. Update the binaries to latest ones. Your smartphone has now been rooted and you can install any root-only app right now on your phone. Everything works great for me until step Can anyone help with what I might be doing wrong? Turn OFF your phone, remove the battery, re-insert it and then boot into the recovery mode. I got a message when flashing the super user zip. It said e: signature verification failed. Can someone please help. I got to step 16, but my phone never resets. Any ideas? It should solve your problem.

I have tried it with auto reboot checked and unchecked. It always goes to android system recovery. Ok I figured it out. Heres the link, in case other people have trouble. Is it possible to do the firmware update on a rooted phone? As far as I know, you can update your firmware even if you are rooted. Stay tuned with us! Where do I go from here? I can still boot normally if I want. Q: Can I recover lost data from Viber? A: Yes, iReparo for Android supports to recover Viber messages and its attachments. Q: Can I use my phone after the data get lost? A: The lost data would free up space on the storage of your Android phone, while they are still saved inside your phone.

Hence, we suggest users to recover their lost files ASAP and not to use their Android phones in order to avoid the lost files are overwritten. Q: Am I able to recover files that were deleted long time ago? You can recover files no matter when you deleted them as along as these data are not overwritten. Therefore, it is recommended to recover the lost files as soon as possible after the data loss. Q: Can I disconnect my phone when I am recovering files to computer?

A: No, you would have to keep your Android phone connected to computer when iReparo for Android is scanning or recovering your phone data. Otherwise, the program may fail to recover the lost files for you. Q: Can I recover data from broken Android device? Q: How to print data from my phone? You can view your files in HTML format and select the data you like to print out.

root tmobile galaxy s3 with a MAC

Q: It has been scanning for almost 5 minutes and I have no idea when it will finish the whole scanning process. Is it normal? How long does the scan usually take?

How to Root and install Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S3 using Mac

A: It is possible when the process lasts over 5 minutes. The scanning time of iReparo for Android is usually determined by two major factors below: a. Q: Can the software recover lost data from my Google account? You might have to contact Google for further support. A: Probably because parts of the lost data might be overwritten and thus the retrieved files are not completed.

Q: What is your day Money Back Guarantee? However, we generally would NOT refund in 5 key situations. Sometimes during holidays it may take longer but it is not expected to take over 20 days. If you have not got the refund 20 days later, please contact us to check the refund. Please note that due to billing cycles, the refund may not appear on the same credit card statement as the original charge. A: You will receive a registration mail including a registration key and a download link of the full version once your order is successfully placed.

The registration mail will be sent to the email address you have used to place the order. Q: How long can I receive my registration key? A: Commonly, after an order is placed successfully, our system will automatically send a registration email to the email address which you used to place your order within 1 hour.

Q: What to do if the registration code is invalid? A: Please note that there is no space before or after the license code and it is case sensitive. Copy and Paste is recommended. In the meantime, please also keep your computer connected to the Internet. A: Both the free trial and the paid version can scan all types of data from your Android device, however, the free trial only allows users to preview lost files from the scan result.

Users would have to upgrade to the paid version first if they want to recover the lost files to computer. Q: Is it secure to place an order on your website? A: Yes, it is very secure to place order on our website. The payment platform we utilize is Mycommerce, which is secured with SSL encryption. The payment details such as your private information, credit card number, billing address, and so on will be kept confidential and never be disclosed without your permission. Q: What payment methods do you accept? You can safely enter your entire credit card number via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information.

You just have to select one of the mentioned payment method on the payment page, then directions will be provided to you after you have fully submitted your order. Q: Will you send an invoice to me?

root samsung galaxy s3 tmobile mac Root samsung galaxy s3 tmobile mac
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root samsung galaxy s3 tmobile mac Root samsung galaxy s3 tmobile mac

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