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Avec mes remerciements Cordialement Patrice. Je ne comprends pas tout. To get all current settings right-click the profile and choose "Get Current Settings". To clear all settings of the current sub profile right-click the profile tab and choose "Clear Settings". To transfer settings between different profiles you can copy and paste a whole profile by right-clicking the original profile, choosing "Copy Settings", then right-clicking the new profile and choosing "Paste Settings".

To copy and paste only a specific setting simply right-click it and choose "Copy" or "Paste". To apply all settings of the current profile click on " Activate " or if the program is running minimized select the profile from the tray menu. Notice that only settings with a checked checkbox will be activated. The Activation dialog contains information about the current activation progress. There you can see which settings are going to be applied and whether the process is successful or not.

You can cancel the activation process by clicking the "Cancel"-button at any time. All changes are applied immediately. The Details section provides an overview of all the configured settings for that profile.

To view more information and error messages in full length open up the Log section. To find solutions for the most common errors and problems have a look at the FAQ. Besides the classic "Full Mode" interface, where you can change all settings of a profile, an additional interface "Compact Mode" is available.

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You can switch between those modes at any time by clicking the according button in the main menu on the right. Once all profiles are set up the Compact Mode is the ideal interface. Here you have a compact overview of all settings of a profile without worrying about settings being modified accidentally. In case you use the NSM Administration with "Change profile settings" being unchecked the Compact Mode will be used automatically to prevent the user from being able to change settings.

When NetSetMan is running you'll find its icon in the tray bar beside the clock.

There you can quickly activate a profile. Just right-click the icon to open the Tray Menu and choose the profile to activate. If you'd like to exclude some profiles from appearing in the tray, you can hide them individually. To do this select the profile in the main window, right-click on the tab and click "Show in Tray and Compact Mode". The small symbol beside the text shows whether this profile will be available in the tray.

This option will also have effect on the profiles shown in Compact Mode. Profile visibility can also be configured in the Profile Management. It contains the current IP information that is used by the system. Because that data is gathered in real time, you might experience a short delay.

To reduce that delay you should consider turning off additional information like public IP and MAC addresses in the Preferences.

NetSetMan is designed in a way that allows you to have a direct overview of all configured settings within a profile. Some of the most important features like the basic IP settings, WiFi and the default printer can be configured directly on the main interface. Other, more complex settings can only be enabled here and will show a brief overview over their current configuration.

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To modify them activate them first, then open the according dialog by clicking the [ The following sections will give you basic instructions and useful tips on how to use all the features. To activate, deactivate or restart the selected network adapter use the Adapter Status button. The default color will change to a status-related color. Additionally you can see the configured status in the tooltip. If you want to enable one adapter and disable one or all other adapters, you need to create subprofiles for each of the adapters. You can do this manually or by using the menu item at the bottom of the Adapter Status menu.

It'll automatically create a subprofile for each network adapter that is included in the adapter list and set its status setting accordingly. Remember that you can customize which adapters are included in that list by using the Network Adapter Management. Use this feature to connect or disconnect any kind of Windows connection like dial-up networks, mobile broadband or VPN. Compatible connections are listed in Windows together with your normal network adapters in the Network Connections dialog. From a technical point of view all connections that are compatible with "RasDial" are supported.

In very specific cases it might be necessary or useful to manually assign IPs to names or domains. Notice that NetSetMan will only modify its own hosts entries leaving already existing entries untouched. With NetSetMan you can map and unmap an unlimited amount of network drives. Please read the instruction notes at the bottom of the window by clicking "[ Show Help ]". When a profile is activated and the Net Drive feature is selected NetSetMan will compare the list of all currently mapped drives with the list of the drives to be mapped.

All mapped drives that are in both lists same drive letter and same location path will remain untouched. All other network drives will be unmapped before the new ones are mapped. NetSetMan offers you a comfortable way to manage your script files. However, it has no own script language. This means you can only use script languages your operating system is able to execute.

Use your favorite search engine to find more information about scripting and what you can do with it. Open an existing script file or create a new one to be able to edit the script. You can have two scripts that will be executed before and after all other settings are changed.

If you need a delay between running the script and changing the network settings, you can specify it at the bottom. NetSetMan offers a convenient way to run external programs with each profile. Programs can be launched in a limited user context default with UAC enabled or elevated with administrator privileges without triggering a UAC prompt. Parameters can be added if required. Programs can be launched normally, maximized or minimized if supported. Already running processes can be stopped based on their file name regardless of where they are located or on their exact file path.

Each action can have an individual delay before negative value or after positive value execution. Being in the same network you might need a local IP address like Instead of trying to be compatible to a lot of different email clients and dealing with different user profiles NetSetMan solves this issue with a simple workaround. Set "nsm.

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When activating the profile both values will be linked using the hosts file so you don't need to do any additional changes in your email client anymore. Additionally to the usual network settings sometimes you might want to change some system settings depending on your location or situation. For example while at university you might want to mute the sound volume, change the wallpaper and activate the Balanced power plan.

You can also use the System Settings dialog to quickly change some setting that would otherwise take more time finding the location of that setting in Windows. Simply click the button to directly activate that particular setting. If you only want to disconnect your WiFi connection, choose the empty entry. You'll find a list of all currently available WiFi networks. A yellow background indicates that a profile with the same SSID already exists. A network with a green background is currently connected. You can connect to a network by double-clicking it or using the "Connect"-Button.

If there's no existing profile for this connection you can choose to create it first. The settings authentication, encryption, However, you might need to adjust them in case the recognition didn't work correctly for some reason. This means that you always have access to the same profiles that you already used in Windows or some other WiFi software.

You can create, modify or delete WiFi profiles. Windows usually connects to wireless networks based on the SSID. If multiple access points share the same SSID, Windows groups them and connects you to the one with the best signal. However, sometimes you might want to connect to a specific access point.

Désinstallation du VPN Avast SecureLine de Mac

With NetSetMan you can do that! The NSM WiFi Management displays all available networks and access points without grouping them, so you can establish exactly the connection you want. Mouse-over tooltips show you additional information like the MAC address for each network. If you want to connect to a specific wireless network when activating a NetSetMan profile, you can do so by adding its MAC address to the WiFi selection.

Choose "Connect by MAC address When activating the profile NetSetMan will connect to the corresponding access point. That brings the big advantage that no new drivers need to be installed which might result in several conflicts. Fortunately most of the versions used nowadays do so.

If you use Vista or later you're good to go. If your WiFi adapter comes with a custom manufacturer software to manage WiFi settings, then it'll block Windows access in most cases. You'll need to find the option to switch to Windows management in that software if available. Because there are many different manufacturers with their own software, there's no universal way to achieve this. It's pretty easy to activate a profile with one click from the Tray Menu.

But in some cases it might be even easier to activate profiles completely automatically depending on custom conditions. The integrated AutoSwitch feature does exactly that. After activating AutoSwitch the following conditions can be configured for all profiles individually:. Although there's no technical limitation for the amount of conditions per profile try to keep it as simple as possible. In most cases it's absolutely sufficient to include one or two conditions to achieve the desired result.

You can specify that either all or at least one of the conditions must be met to activate that profile.

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Note: Profiles with lower IDs have a higher priority in case conditions for multiple profiles are met at the same time. By default the activation process is initiated with a message in the bottom right corner with a customizable delay countdown, allowing you to optionally abort the activation process. Alternatively a native Windows notification can be used or the profile can be activated without any message in the background. In the latter case the tray icon will be animated during the activation process and change its color temporarily according to the activation result to visually inform you about the automated process.

To save system resources NetSetMan does not compare your current settings to the settings of the profile to be activated. This means that if you change any of your settings manually, NetSetMan won't notice the change.

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Desinstallation dun logiciel sur mac

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