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This document is that latest in a series of Mac OS 9 compatibility, upgrades, and resources guides that Charles W Moore has been updating since May This has been the most popular topic in the history of the Miscellaneous Ramblings column; earlier versions have been viewed over , times. This article has been updated from the edition. As we publish this article, os9forever. Dan Knight, publisher. As Kenneth G. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations.

All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. For price quotes and advertising information, please contact BackBeat Media at This number is for advertising only. Welcome Image and Text. Full compatibility with first- and second-generation iPods. Power Mac request OS 9. A few examples: If you need Mac OS 9. Full installation. Not an upgrade CD.

Helpful Addons Apple generally provides excellent software, but sometimes a third-party app turns out to be a better solution — especially if you want to use a multi-button mouse. You can now download USB Overdrive 1. BBEdit Lite , a great freeware text editor.

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There is no emulation yet. Mini vMac is a very different beast; it really only emulates the think Mac Plus, SE, Classic in black and white at x resolution, with only very preliminary support for the Mac II , larger screens and color. As such, it really only runs OSs up to System 7. It works and is configured a lot like Sheepshaver, probably because Sheepshaver was based on BasiliskII. One of these days, I'm going to write an AppleScript to find all those old MWP documents, open them, and save them in some other format.

"Classic" in Mac OS X

I've just got an iMac running Snow Leopard. This forum saved my 55 year-old marriage! My wife is totally devoted to WP 3. The G5 is now showing problems. I got my own new 3. A beautiful machine. Any recommendations, hints, cautions, warnings. I last used SheepShaver specifically to run WordPerfect 3.

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It seemed to work just fine at the time. I liked Word Perfect 3. Glad to hear we're helping maintain marital harmony. A number of others have mentioned the WordPerfect Yahoo Group, where they reportedly have installers designed for just your situation.

Installing Three Operating Systems on One Mac

Have got Sheepshaver running happily on a MacBook Pro Intel, thanks to Matt's excellent article but have come up against the printing problem. Is there a way to do this from Sheepshaver to a USB printer? My oldest install disks are 9. How would one go about picking up a legal copy of Mac OS 9. I'd really like to decommission my old PPC machine. I speak french and my english is not very good. But I need this connexion to read on Do you think that with Sheepshaver I can have the connexion between the two of them to read my files?

SheepShaver should work, according to this documentation: Share Facebook Twitter Reddit.

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    Nothing more retro than this: Nicholas Bonsack. Short answer: I'm very happy with it. It's all very gratifying. John Rethorst. O Hardy. DeltaMac Tech Feb 25, I get to correct the esteemed EDCC. Prior to That pref pane allows you to control, and do limited maintenance of the OS 9 system that may be installed.

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    Again, Classic support was removed in MisterMe Registered Feb 25, ElDiabloConCaca said: Your eMac cannot boot to OS 9, and there's a 'catch' there. Think of this in terms of an emulator. You run the emulator, then run the installer for the guest system from within the emulator.

    According to Hoyle: Running Classic on Mac OS X Leopard, Part 1

    Problem is, you need the OS 9 system installed, before you can open the Classic environment. Here's one way to do it. Use a Mac that will boot to OS 9. A G3 iMac is great. Copy the folders on the hard drive to a USB drive. The only folder that you need to make Classic work, is the one name "System Folder".

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