Power mac g5 video card reset

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First boot and all seems back to normal. I am currently running Disk Utility and verifying my hard drives. I finally got my G5 issue fixed last night. Here is what I did i tried all these things before but for some reason it worked this time. I took out the ram and used a can or air to clean the ram and the ram slots. Resat them matching size. Took out battery for a few mins then replaced. I checked all wires and made sure everything was plugged in.

How to Repair a Power Mac G5 - Remove the video card « Computer Hardware :: WonderHowTo

Turned on and it worked! I have declared that this was a RAM issue — one piece was loose so I moved it to another slot. I also think the air cleaning helped — read that tip on another board. G5 Towers — Racing fan!? Stuck on grey screen!? Guess What!?!?!? TRY IT and thank me later. This is where you need a? That is where all apple crap belongs!

Was just talking to my wife 10mins ago about buying a new powermac when she suggested to search google. Thanks I love forums! Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 8. Came back on like normal! So it could very well be the battery so just try this first. Maybe it pays to repeat these things. Anyway, fingers crossed, this is the second day and 4th start up and no problems. My G5 lives again. Early Power Mac G5 2. When booting, fans come on at hurricane strength, chime, Apple shows, then goes to blue screen and stays there until I shut down with power button.

I went to screwdrivers first, replacing first the nVidia MB video card. No effect. Then I replaced the logic board, no effect. Searching on the Net, I came across these posts, learned about resetting some of the parameters. I first reset the Parameter RAM, and that helped just a bit…the fans stopped coming on at hurricane strength, but the machine still stayed on blue screen after the Apple. I then reset nvram and open firmware, no additional effect the fans continued to behave themselves. While resetting the Open Firmware, the machine reported that the Macintosh HD was OK, but it still gave the warning that a file system had been modified.

What else can I try to isolate the problem before going back to the screwdrivers? Any thoughts? I have a tower G5, and could not boot up, getting gray screen with folder and question mark followed by loud motor sound. Went through the above reset commands and restored my setting!

Thank you! My g5 sounded like airplane taking off — after two hours of fixes including failed starts in safe mode, and trying to repair the drive in target disk mode this is the trick in 30 seconds. Had the same issue. Just bought a powermac G5 dual core 2. Worked great when I tested it. Used an external USB bluetooth adapter.

Everything worked great for about a day and then yesterday morning I wake up and see the display is black, the powermac is making loud airplane noise. I hard booted a couple of times no happiness. I hear the 3 chimes and then the fans start going full blast. Nothing on the display. Glad I found this forum. So opened up the machine and air cleaned the dust, took the battery out rather forced it out. Basically sprayed the air can all over the place. Took the ram chips out wiped them and plugged them back in and restarted the machine and voila all good.

Keeping fingers crossed. I hope it stays that way. I hate technical problems that appear and go away mysteriously after spraying an air can. Black screen. No chime on start-up. Never finishes re-start. Finally came up with routine that works every time.

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Remove metal door and plastic insert. Allow fans to run.

Power Mac G5 Graphics Card Upgrade Shenanigans

Re-starts every time. Please note: if the plastic insert is re-installed before the computer finishes booting it will freeze. I must wait for every icon to be on the screen. Works every time but is tedious. Any insight about why this routine works? Sometimes the machine will also re-start flawlessly if is has been turned-off for a long period of time. Have tried all above but gray screen just stays with apple logo.

Any further suggestions please? I cleaned out the machine, reseated the nvidia quadro and the Ran fine for a while.. Turns out that all I needed to do was replace the system board battery. No Joy. Replaced the battery — it worked! For one day… Very strange… Next day it started doing the same thing as before.

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  8. The Imac has horrid glossy screen and colour issues. The Mac Pro is overpriced, and has no mid-range. One last ditch attempt before giving up and getting a Mini anyway because it was the least bad option I tried replacing the RAM. My tip if this happens to you — change the battery, and test the RAM. Hopefully now I can get another year out it until Apple either drop the price of a Mac Pro or introduce a midrange model, or give the Mini I3 processors. Bye bye G5! I thought. Hi, I wanted to add my system to the mix.

    I have a late G5 dual 2. The system has been running almost flawlessly for about six years until last week when, after sitting idle for a couple of hours, I heard the fans running full blast. Tried restarting a few minutes later but was unable to get past the grey apple screen and within minutes the fans were full blast. I even replaced a still good logic board battery and tested all the ram 4 pairs a pair at a time.

    2Ghz G5 PPC Dual Processor

    I was finally able to get the system to boot up after some messing about a momentary success and decided to run every software related fix on this site thanks John Hill. Of course, I also ran the Apple Hardware Test too and everything was fine. Up and running, I decided to leave my system on for a while but less than an hour later the hurricane fans were back and I was frozen. This time when I restarted I was totally dead. So, I dismantled again and tried starting up.

    This time I got a chime and got to the grey apple screen but that was it. At this point I decided to try heating the logic board in the area between the processors and the memory with a blow dryer because a few people talked about that working. After a minute of hot air I replaced the fan and shield and… it started up fine.

    Unfortunately the system still freezes and the fans start blowing at some point but at least I can get on the system for short stretches.

    Quadro & GeForce Mac OS X Driver Release 346.03.03

    Run it and it will ask you to reboot. Good Luck Please let me know if it did work for you. It did for me. My Mac G5 Boots up Ok but after some time apprx min ithangs and the fans starts to sound like airoplane. Hi guys I just bought a mac G5 1. Please help. I was using it to make music on logic studio,and i used toast titanium to burn a movie on dvd one day and it took 3 days to burn it,it was super slow after that but it was wierd bcus ive burned movies on to dvds b4 but they wouldent take days….

    I tried setting p-ram, safe mode and also tried booting off of the OS disc, but nothing worked… then I read your post and booted into firmware and re-set it as per your instructions. It is now working fine… thanks! I had grey screen with apple logo then nothing for a few minutes, then fans on at full blast. After trying resetting, rebooting, cleaning and reseating everything still the same problem. Hi everyone: I bought a G5 2.

    Helpful answers

    I tried everything posted with no results. All temps in istat were normal, AHT was ran with all systems passed, Techtool Pro showed all systems passed, and even the Apple store gave it a clean bill of health. Believe it or not, a box fan sitting in front of my G5 blasting through the machine allows it to run perfectly. I do not understand this but I think the ambient temperature sensor is not working, does anyone have advice? I think the fan system draws in dirt and dust like no other, and that would cause most components to malfunction. I tried some of the fixes here, with no luck yet.

    I should also note that this G5, I found on the street. It runs like a dream…. I wasn't looking for making changes to the hardware so can't evaluate whether they work in this case but I appreciate the suggestions. The PowerMac G5 now boots up headless and will happily show the screen contents if you connect a screen later on. From the timing, I know that the difference in behaviour becomes evident too early for the operating system to be a factor.

    But I'd neglected that there is also a different boot loader; that bears further investigation. Thank you.

    I have this problem with an Mac Pro. I restart it remotely, and it never boots up until I connect a KB and monitor to it. The accepted answer is wrong. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown.

    Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! If the flash is unsuccessful or corrupted then your machine will not boot after it shuts down. The only way to recover would then be to de-solder the chip and use an external programmer to reflash it. It must be run within a linux environment and will not work within Mac OS X. There have been some reported problems booting into LUbuntu using some Nvidia based graphics cards. The system is controlled either remotely via the Xbox SDK or by using a wired Xbox controller since it doesn't have a built in RF board.

    The controller MUST be wired and not just a wireless controller with a play-and-charge cable. Prototype Krypton controllers will also work. If you want to use a retail wireless Xbox controller then you will need a USB wireless receiver normally used to connect the controller to a PC. This is a sign that the hypervisor failed to load. This usually means that your hardware configuration is incorrect.

    The PowerMac G5 will run it's fans at full speed if the machine fails to load any program. Another sign of this state is if the machine requires the power button to be held down in order to shut down. The Xenon OS should shut off immediately if the power button is pressed without the need to hold it down. If the error still persists, reset your PRAM. Solution: Ensure that your hard drive is in the upper drive bay labelled A and is of sufficient capacity.

    Optical drives of this age sometimes die. The PowerMac G5 requires a clear plastic air deflector in order to direct airflow. Without the deflector installed, the fans will run at full speed when the machine is turned on. It can run with the aluminum side panel removed as long as this plastic air deflector is in place. From Xenon Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. The following page is for reference only!

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