Outlook email not sending on mac

Common Email Problems

For information about checking the status of your network connections, see Mac OS help. Some email services require authentication for their SMTP server. If you verify that all your account settings are correct, but you still can't send messages, try turning on SMTP authentication.

On the pop-up menu, select the authentication type, and then enter your credentials as necessary. If you have the address of an alternative SMTP server, enter it in your account settings. In the left pane of the Accounts box, select the account. One of the most common computer problems friends and relatives complain about is related to sending and receiving email.

The troubleshooting steps I go through and that I make others go through are almost always the same, and so I decided to write them down. The dialog box or error messages might look slightly different or have different wording, but the underlying errors tend to be the same.

If you found this page on Google because you were looking for a solution to any of the following problems, chances are that the email troubleshooting steps below will fix your issues. So stick with me! Not being able to send or receive emails can be a major inconvenience, especially if you rely on email for your job or business.

The good news is that most email problems have causes that are easy to fix, including:. I consider myself proficient with technology, but even I have spent time debugging an email problem that was ultimately caused by an expired password.

Troubleshooting Outlook Won't Send Emails

Had I checked the validity of my password first, I could have saved the time I wasted trying to figure out the problem. If you use Gmail, go to gmail. For example, with Bluehost, go to webmail.

[Solve] How to repair Send/Receive mail in Outlook 2016

If you cant figure out your username, try your email address. If you use Microsoft Exchange, Office , or an Outlook account for your email, and the webmail interface prompts you to change your password, you know that your old password had expired. Again, this troubleshooting step is designed to let you know whether the problem is with one particular device or your account settings and configuration. If you can log in to webmail or from a secondary device successfully, but sending email or receiving email still fails on your primary device, proceed to the next steps.


Note : Fixing an incorrect, forgotten or expired password is easy. Depending on your email service provider, your username could be your email address, a part thereof, or something entirely different. I use Office as the email service for my blog. Bluehost also uses your email address as the default username for its email accounts.

The easiest way to do that is to verify if you can log in via webmail see Step 1. Depending on the type of email account you have, the next steps might vary from the screenshots below. Common account types include:. To figure out what account type you have, follow these steps:. In the screenshot below, you can see two IMAP accounts an iCloud email account and a test email account and three Exchange accounts.

Keeping your Sent folder in sync across devices

Both macOS and iOS usually manage the server connection settings automatically for most account types, especially Exchange accounts. MacOS automatically determined the proper parameters when I initially set up the account in the native Mail app. Before you proceed, double check to make sure the username, password and hostname are correct.

Office 365 (Outlook 2016 Mac) - Cannot send or receive messages with Outlook

In my example, I have to use the following basic settings:. Bluehost, like many other email service providers, may give you confusing information regarding the proper hostname to use. Normally, the hostname of the email server would be similar to your email domain i.

So you may be inclined to think that the incoming mail server should in my case be eventosdeportivos. As you can see in the screenshot, macOS put the non-secure port into the connection settings. However, both Apple Mail and the Bluehost IMAP server support transport layer security TLS , which can automatically hand over from an insecure channel port to an encrypted channel port On macOS, follow the same steps as above and verify that your username, password, hostname, and port are correct.

The most common issue that causes problems sending email is an incorrect port number. I wrote about that problem in another blog post. Sometimes your email client may run into an issue and forget the connection settings, or try to use a cached but expired password. In those cases, the best course of action is to quit the app and start it back up.

On iOS devices with a home button, double-click the home button and swipe up to remove the Mail app from memory. If you have an iPhone without a home button, such as the iPhone X, swipe up from the bottom and stop halfway to bring up the app switcher. From there, press the red icon or swipe up on the app to shut it down. Note : Quitting apps on iOS is normally not recommended or necessary unless the app crashes. I still see many iOS users making it a habit of periodically closing all their apps, hoping to save battery or for other reasons.

Before we look at advanced techniques, one of the easiest ways to fix an issue is to remove and re-add the account. Depending on the type of email account iCloud email or other , open System Preferences and go to iCloud or Internet Accounts. You have to pick the latter if the affected account is part of iCloud.

You should see two files per server name: one for the incoming connection and one for the outgoing connection. Open both files and look for the reason why the connection attempt failed. In my case, I could see that the problem was related to an incorrect password.

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A few months ago, I started seeing issues related to ghosts messages. After doing some research, I realized that this is one of the most common iPhone email problems. The most obvious solution is to completely remove and re-add the affected email account, which is what I would recommend. Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number.

I suggest you try to re-configure your account by automatically setting up. If the issue persists, to better help you, we recommend you to contact our dedicated Outlook for Mac in-app support team to get targeted help.

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outlook email not sending on mac Outlook email not sending on mac
outlook email not sending on mac Outlook email not sending on mac
outlook email not sending on mac Outlook email not sending on mac
outlook email not sending on mac Outlook email not sending on mac
outlook email not sending on mac Outlook email not sending on mac

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