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You cannot find it because there isn't one. Please search the Community using the keyword clipboard for discussions on the matter. If you'll specify what it is that you're trying to do perhaps someone can offer suggestions or alternatives.

Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Thank you for ANY help on this! I'm so frustrated that I'm thinking of getting rid of my newly bought Mac and going back to PCs As I mentioned in my reply to your other post, there are a number of distinctions between Office programs for the 2 platforms This is another of them. What you're referring to is the Office Clipboard which never has been implemented in the Mac version.

There used to be a Scrapbook feature which [IMO] was infinitely more useful, but it was excluded from Office The OS X Clipboard does not support multiple elements. In order to have that kind of capability you'd need to use a 3rd party utility.

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Select desired Items do a Copy. Open the utility and paste in the box.

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I purchased a copy for my on use, and find it them h elpful, and for me, it they has have not done any harm. You can then install software written for that OS on that partition. The down side is that any time you want to switch from OS X to Windows or back again you have to reboot your Mac - it's an 'either or' proposition.

Not everyone is lucky as I am to identify the cause telephone and be also able to switch off its feature "clipboard surveillance". There is no reasonable reason for this message at all. The copying operations in Excel are not affected by the access of any third-party program to the clipboard.

I've tested this with many different contents formulas, validations, formatting, connected cells, etc.

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Just as helpful as a message "There's a light on in the basement. If there was any case where the access of a third-party program to the cache was actually an impairment to the copying process in Excel, one would notice this anyway by missing the insertion. But the message would be as well unnecessary because it only would have reported the obvious and does not reveal any causes or solutions.

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This problem is discussed and complained in forums for about 4 years since Excel No big work, I assume. I'm actually quite amazed that this situation has not been corrected. It's irritating, useless, and I'm paying for this trash. Who's the imbecile that did this? No behavior of another Windows application should cause Excel to be partially crippled with irrelevant blocking popup notices. This is a defect in Excel.

Copy Paste Not Working on Mac? Here’s How to Fix a Stuck Clipboard

In my case, the problem was a Magix import applet sitting in the system tray. Kill that which I never used anyway and the problem never showed up again Office We already know that the problem is related to the clipboard and other applications. So there are many scenarios that it will happen. I looked for other solutions and none solved my problem until now. At least this annoying problem is solved for me.

In my case it only happened when dragging cells with Shift pressed.

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Breno This is not a solution, as the issue is happening on machines without the Windows 10 Clipboard history feature being enabled. I think I found a solution. I turned off the Windows 10 clipboard history in system settings and the error stopped popping up. I just can't believe the issue has been open for 2 years!

Besides that, what on earth is the purpose to force users to click the 'OK' button which is totally useless?

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This solved the problem for me. So annoying So Microsoft! In this situation you can still paste within Excel. However you cannot paste to another app like Word or Outlook which uses the clipboard. Last year we made some improvements to Office users so that this error message only shows once per Excel instance. This is based on customer feedback - the design change prevents it popping up multiple successive times when the clipboard is locked.

Where is the clipboard for word ? - Apple Community

We have also considered never showing the error dialog, but there was user feedback that this message is informative and helpful in some cases. To drag and drop file, you should 'grab' it by left-clicking and holding , drag it to a different location and drop it. If you'd like to cancel the subscription to this article, follow the confirmation link from the email we've just sent you.

Toggle navigation Knowledge Base Knowledge Base. How to use Shared Clipboard and Drag'n'Drop users found this article helpful. It enables you to easily exchange texts between: Different virtual machines irrespective of the guest OS installed. A virtual machine and your Mac. Dragging and Dropping Files Close integration of Mac and Windows-based virtual machines allows you to drag and drop different files between them.

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