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I have no idea why! When I run this it shows my desktop as desired. But now how do I revert back from the exposed desktop?

Use Hot Corners to quickly reveal the desktop

Also one tweak to this. Now it will look like the expose app in the dock. Also, on my system a late MacBook Pro , it still takes a few seconds for an AppleScript app to run. I'll bet good money that I can get my mouse to the top right hot corner of my screen, AND then a second time, to show the desktop then bring the windows back, quicker than anyone can click on this icon, wait for the script to run, then click on the screen border. I've argued against people criticizing hints just because they wouldn't use them themselves before now, but that applies to stuff that people may not spot otherwise.

I'm pretty fed up with the number of "I know you can do it using the GUI, Terminal, the keyboard, gestures and goodness knows what else, but I know, write a script" type hints here lately. Saying "write a script to do it" is NOT a hint.

How To… Always Get To Your Mac’s Desktop

It's sharing a script you wrote! The only real hint is; keep scripting in mind when you want a better workflow, otherwise this won't stop until every single thing you can do on a Mac has a scripted method posted. If Mac OSX Hints is to include these, then lets please have them in a separate "useful scripts" section.

Once activated, it can then be de-activated by moving the mouse back to the same corner. Lost your password?

How to Hide or Remove Icons from Your Mac Desktop: 3 Methods Explained

Powered by the Parse. Here's how to make one that does just that. However, be warned: this works only one way -- it shows the Desktop, but on clicking again, it does not bring the windows back. Create an AppleScript application.

How to Use Multiple Desktops (or Spaces) on a Mac

Optional: change the boring script icon. Select the saved file in Finder and hit Command-I to open the Get Info Window, then do the same for the file with the icon you'd like to use. Drag the saved file to the Dock. Your Show Desktop icon is ready for use!

macos - Show desktop shortcut in El Capitan? - Ask Different

For use in I'm also not sure why you need to activate the Finder first; it seems to work fine for me with just the shell script line. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. Related: Alt code shortcuts for Mac to insert symbols. Generally F11 key on your Mac keyboard does the trick of hiding all the windows and show the desktop.

You can always press the keys again to show all the hidden windows again or go back to the previous window on you are working.

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Apple has all types of gestures to play around on the trackpad. If you are a finger specialist, use your thumb and three other fingers in diagonally opposite direction. This will slide all the open windows and show you the desktop. You can also use one finger from left hand and three fingers from right hand to do the gesture. Mac allows you to have many virtual desktops to arrange your workflow, by default F3 is not meant for viewing desktop. F3 key on your Mac is used to show all the open applications which is basically called Mission Control in macOS. You will see all open applications similar to pressing F3.

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Although, F3 is used to choose any of the open apps, you can go to the other virtual desktops by selecting from the top. If you have multiple virtual desktops then this is an easy way to access other desktop screens.

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Remember, if you have open window on additional desktop then this will not minimize the windows. You can simply access additional desktop using F3 Mission Control. Editorial Staff at WebNots are team members who love to build websites and share the learning with webmasters community. Hot Corners Option. Set Hot Corners in Mac. Use Trackpad Gesture Apple has all types of gestures to play around on the trackpad.

show desktop button mac os Show desktop button mac os
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show desktop button mac os Show desktop button mac os
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