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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I install some app from WD external Hard and it add some incon in my menu bar but I don't know how can I remove it, I try to drag it out of the system bar while holding the "command" key but it didn't work for this type of icon I also try to uninstall this app via CleanApp but I can't find it! The best way to get an app to stop appearing in the menu bar is to make it stop opening automatically when you log in.

Here's how:.

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I believe that this app is just a login item. Here's how to remove it from your Login Items list. Click the lock at the bottom left and enter your password.

Icon Request: WD My Passport

Find the Quick View app in the list, select it, and click the minus sign below the list. For this particular app, WD provide an uninstaller.

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You will need to reboot before it is fully removed but it is disabled as soon as you run the installer I was monitoring its network activity before and after. It appears to be totally fine to remove it since it only provides information to the user rather than affecting any actual functionality of the drive.

How to customize the drive icons on your desktop (mac)

If your model of WD drive comes with a management console then all the information is apparently in there this would be accessed via a browser. Apps that want to start at system launch have a couple of ways of doing this. Sometimes, it can be administered from the Login Items screen.

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But not always. One of the reasons why your Mac cannot read WD external drive could be due to the loose connections. Make sure that enough power is being delivered to the drive and if the problem still persists, try connecting the drive with another cable.

If it does, plug in the WD external drive using another port. The inaccessibility issue could be due to the corrupt drive. First Aid checks the external WD hard drive for errors like the corrupt filesystem, corrupt partition, files stored on it are corrupt, bad sectors and fixes disk permissions. Select the picture or pictures you'd like to transfer to your Western Digital external hard drive, which should be connected to your computer via its USB 2.

To select a single picture, simply hover your cursor over the file and right-click.

If you've named the hard drive, it will appear under its given name. This transfers the photos onto your Passport. Transfer speeds vary depending on how many photos you're transferring and the specific Passport model you have.

wd hard drive icons mac Wd hard drive icons mac
wd hard drive icons mac Wd hard drive icons mac
wd hard drive icons mac Wd hard drive icons mac
wd hard drive icons mac Wd hard drive icons mac
wd hard drive icons mac Wd hard drive icons mac
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