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Lots of Serious Error crashes. This happens without any noticeable pattern - sometimes with the title tool, trim monitor, or simply just scrubbing the timeline. It seems to happen more frequently with Dynamic Links in the timeline. I think in Software Only mode, it may not be present, although further testing required. Also, I am having an issue where Pr will display black only in the source and program monitors, unless I click around the timeline and will get flashes of images.

It seems to be worse if Safari is running. Swedish overclocking site SweClockers. That, kiddies, would be one heck of a polygon-pumping beast. Video Editing News Blog. I have been talking about this for years. They care about what they want. And they want the companies that kowtow to them. Hell there were even rumors that 2xxx series work with startup unlike all non-supported apple cards, and if that is true Apple is actively supressing NVIDIA! I love my surface, because I can run real photoshop, but would rather have it be a mac, and I want my computer to ge a mac, but am more and more scared that a mac will not be great for a pro.

Apple has released a list of cards that are compatible with Metal and will work with Mojave. The link says that they need to work with Apple to get it working, which may mean it will never happen. So anyone with an NVIDIA card can't upgrade to Mojave well you can but without any video card acceleration it will be a mostly useless computing experience.

And the issue above with AMD cards come into play here. AMD cards do support metal and do it very well, but they are continually beaten by NVIDIA cards not only in performance, but especially in power consumption and heat generation. And the fact that AMD cards will work in a MacPro 5,1 in Mojave is great though without any boot screens as they are not flashed for Mac , but the power consumption of those cards is not.

Adobe After Effects System Requirements

So even the consumer Radeon RX , or even can draw too much power for a MacPro and cause power spikes and crashes. The solution is to either hack your mac's power supply by tapping into all the power cables to draw enough power, or run an external power supply for your video card made more difficult since all my PCI cards are full with a USB 3 card, a Blackmagic card and an ssd hard drive. The new MacPro is still vaporware.

So it looks like sticking to High Sierra is the only solution and hope Adobe keeps supporting High Sierra till the new MacPro comes out. And then it will be time to see if it is time to move to Windows or get a new MacPro. Am really starting to think this is not happening at all.

I have posted about it here and here. I am running And it was happening more and more, especially when trying to run Premiere Pro. I had been running the OS X driver instead of the web driver, as it seemed to be more stable, but when I switched to the web driver So the fact that the different drivers have the different crashes to me seems to show that it is for sure the video card that is causing the crashes. Unfortunately I don't really have the money right now for a replacement.

Adobe After Effects System Requirements

Eventually I want to replace this whole rig with a PC as the Trashcan MacPro is not a powerful enough machine for what I need but that would be even more. Now I currently have Premiere Pro running, but am doubtful it won't crash again soon. Are there any other tests to see if my video card is for sure failing?

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I posted at Apple forums , but have gotten no help. I hadn't had any, but when running Premiere they happen with consistence. I have had 4 of them in less than an hour. Seems like as soon as CUDA cuts in the issue is happened with the web driver. Basically I can't use Adobe the main use for my machine or I get the crashes. I am running Web Driver From my included Crash Log it is looking like it is the Web Driver, and it crashed as soon as I started Premiere Pro , though I seem to have been not having the previous noise crash running it, but am going to try switching back to the standard NVIDIA driver with Sierra and see if that works.

IOGraphicsFamily AppleGraphicsDeviceControl 3. B03, 8 processors, Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 2. Not only does this card us standard six pin connectors so it will work fine in the MacPro, but in many tests it doubles the performance of a GTX Mac edition! Not happening anytime soon. And with 3D stacking of chips to increase bandwidth between components we will have serious powerhouses here. Wow, think of the CUDA accelerated editing with that! And Pascal will be even faster than that. And this is why it was insane for Apple to give up on user expandable PCI Express cards in their computers.

By limiting graphics to only specific AMD cards they have done their customers a huge disservice, and this is likely why I will end up with a PC someday.

EVGA GTX 680 Mac Edition 2GB Video Card Unboxing & First Look!

I had to update to 5. Would rather have a non-mobile version of the processor, but these should still rock for CUDA. If only APPLE would relent and release a MacPro that is actually expandable, and doesn't use just thunderbolt for expansion, but that is unlikely to happen. Thinking a hackintosh looks more and more likely in my Future! Check out the article at FCP.

CO , which actually says it is to speed up FCPX and Motion, though is actually more about the upgrade and flashing the card. How about the new gtx, and ? How do they perform since these three cards are currently not on the official list of supported GPUs for the ray-traced 3D renderer?

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And are there any noticeable drops in performance due to the vram issues of the gtx? Haha, so happy! Just realized that my shity card , a GT with 2GB, works too. Just added to the list of accepted cards in txt file in the AE folder.

Fast draft works. Mac Pro 3,1 early 2 x 2. I want to add my score. I believe this is the second Maxwell Benchmark but, same as before encode settings cannot be read so mp4 was used. Your email address will not be published. June 3, at pm.

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August 8, at pm. Jona Woggon says:. September 18, at pm.

Bojidar says:. August 27, at pm. March 27, at pm. Tom says:. December 29, at pm.

GTX 960 Compatible After Effect

January 24, at am. October 3, at pm. Tio says:. November 9, at pm. October 29, at pm. SomiZ says:. January 16, at pm. Misha says:. January 8, at am. January 13, at pm. SK5 says:. January 15, at pm. Stefan says:. March 2, at am. Farid says:. March 13, at pm. Ben says:. It does this on every project I open, every time. He would need to find a way to connect it to an iMac. Wonder if a thunderbolt box would work.

I don't know if they offer Nvidia cards with Mac's anymore. You may be able to find an external Thunderbolt 2 video card pci-e enclosure. Then you can put nvidia card in your machine. Look up hackintosh to confirm kexts Mac driver are available, or choose a card hat was previously used in OSX. Or buy a for Mac card that would be used on pro.

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